Planet Coaster new Free Update and DLC

A new Free Update and DLC have been released by Frontier Developments.

Vintage Pack DLC:
Zephyrus coaster - this classic wooden roller coaster with four benches per car allows for eight riders per car
Aces Sky coaster - a wooden bobsled coaster with trackless wooden half pipes
Round The World ride - get rocking and rolling on the most intense Ferris Wheel ride of all time
Loop Da Loop ride - buckle up and prepare to loop head over heels in this twin cabin inverting swinger
Test Flight ride - take off and practice your flying skills in this spinning, inverting plane ride
Hurricane ride - twisting action that’s so fast you’ll not know what is up or down!
Centrum ride - feel the excitement of spinning at high speed at a thrilling 50 degrees in this classic centrifuge ride
4 vending machines - including popcorn and gumball machines, crane machine and Zoltan fortune machine
103 building items - including tin panel walls and roofs, painted banners, baroque pillars and carnival trims
18 animated scenery items - including trapeze artist displays, pipe organ, hot air balloon and barbershop quartet
98 static scenery items - including lightbox lettering, decorative shapes, vintage path extras and a classic automobile
15 special effects - including bees, butterflies, blossom and blowing leaves
19 scenery blueprints - including baroque buildings, flowerbeds, a balloon landing and a trapeze performance
New audio - 17 new triggered sound effects, 9 new music tracks and 10 new ambiences
Propeller Hat and Boater Hat - for avatars and can be sold in the Hat's Fantastic shop

Free Update:
Vending Machines - cost effective alternatives to shops and fun small attractions for your guests
- 4 of these are from Planet Coaster’s popular drinks brands – Gulpee, Pipshot, Street Fox Coffee and Cosmic Cow
- Drinks from Vending Machines are smaller and the machines themselves cost less; effective when you don’t want guests to have the more rewarding experience of being served by a vendor at a shop
- The Crane Game allows guests to win King Coaster plushies
- Changing the chance of winning which will also impact how inviting the machine is to guests; make it fun and rewarding or rake in the cash
- Vending Machines break down based on usage
Camera Effects - added over 30 camera effects to the game that allow you to change the colour grading of the scene
- Access them next to the speed controls in the lower right
- Choose a preset and its intensity, as well as how much vignette and film grain you desire
- Press CTRL-G to hide the GUI for the perfect screenshot
- All of these effects can be left on per park
- Trigger these effects using the Ride Cam Time Machine introduced in 1.6; perfect for dark rides and out-of-this-world experiences
Staff Flexicolour - customise the uniforms of your staff members
- Choose the colours of your Janitors, Mechanics, Security Guards and Vendors
Grouping Scenery - group scenery pieces together
- Multi-select some scenery to group it together and move/rotate it as one group
- If there is a build piece in the selection, this will become as a building as normal
Mouse Hunt coaster - a historic wooden roller coaster, this coaster utilizes sharp corners and has little banking as well as a track piece that allows it to be aligned to the grid
New Scenery for all players
- Added 4 drinks Vending Machines to the game for Planet Coaster's popular brands; Pipshot, Street Fox Cofee, Cosmic Cow and Gulpee
- Added a Planet Coaster Crane Game as a side attraction
- Added 16 flowers and plants to the game, along with 30 planter items and 4 sprinkler effects
- Added over 50 coaster support pieces to augment your rides